Are you a business looking for a simple and easy way to meet your CSR needs? Well we have the package that is perfect for you.


Are you a business looking for a simple and easy way to meet your CSR needs? Well we have the package that is perfect for you.

Join Empower for Business, our new giving club, and your organisation could be part of some incredible journeys. Your contribution will help women living in rural poverty as they take their first steps to becoming entrepreneurs.

We want help your business give back by making CSR simple and effective. Empower for business is made specifically to help you implement a CSR programme in a hassle free and easy way. If you commit to a monthly gift and join this giving club you’ll receive a CSR package to suit your organisation.

Becoming a MicroLoan Business Empowerer  will not only help us reach even more women across Malawi, Zambia & Zimbabwe but it will help make a greater difference to each woman’s life.

Why join?

It’s affordable
With three different giving levels your business can choose to invest an amount that fits your budget.

It’s simple
Implementing a CSR strategy can be complex and time consuming, but we want to make it easier for you to reap the benefits of a CSR programme. As a MicroLoan Business Empowerer you will get a specific package where you’ll receive regular social media and website content, updates and employee engagement opportunities.

It’s transformational
Your regular support means you are playing a bigger role in the overall transformation of our clients’ lives.  You won’t just be helping women start their business, your investment means you’ll be helping them continue to develop as entrepreneurs so they can journey out of poverty.

It’s inspiring 
You’ll be able to showcase your vales and social conscience to your customers and clients. Your team will become part of an incredible group of dedicated supporters and get the opportunity to volunteer and take part in #TeamMicroLoan Challenges. We’ll also send you regular updates about our clients, Loan & Training Officers and operations so you can learn more about how your support is changing lives.

It’s sustainable
Regular gifts allow us to plan ahead so that we can continue growing and developing our work and delivering progammes best suited to our clients. With a repayment rate that consistently reaches 97%, when a loan is repaid we can use this money to lend to another woman. Your donation through Empower will keep on giving.

How it works

There are four different packages for Empower for Business – each one offers different exclusive benefits and perks. All you need to do is choose which level suits your business the best.

Choose from one on the options below and you will be taken to our Empower registration portal, where you can fill in your details to start your regular giving. Alternatively, if you would prefer to donate in bulk on on an annual basis we can arrange for you to receive an invoice for the corresponding sum. To do this, and for any other queries regarding your tailor made package please contact Laliesha Ali at or by calling 0208 827 1688.

Once you have registered as a Empower for Business organisation you’ll receive an email from our team with full details of your package. You’ll be listed on our partners page and you’ll receive permission to place our logo on your website to highlight the partnership. 

You can cancel your contributions at anytime by contacting our team on 020 8827 1688 or by emailing

Joining Empower for Business means you will become part of our clients’ journeys out of poverty. As an Business Empowerer you’ll receive engaging updates throughout the year for you to share with your customers and audiences. These will provide a better insight into the impact your support is having.

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What your business could receive:

*invites/updates vary depending on which level of Empower you choose

The difference you could make

You will be helping women break the cycle of poverty so they have the opportunity to build a better life for themselves and their family.

Your support won’t just be enable women to start their business; your investment will also help them continue to develop as entrepreneurs as they journey out of poverty.

But what is even better is that because of our consistent repayment rate of 97%, when a loan is repaid we can use that money to support another woman. This means your first year’s contribution to Empower will keep on giving. Your continued support each year would have an exponential impact on the number of women we support and their development as entrepreneurs.

You can help women become agents of change in their own lives. Women just like Esnart. With access to loans they can take their first steps as entrepreneurs, giving them control over their own finances and their future plans.

Empower - Esnart

Which level Empowerer do you want to be?

Whichever level you choose you will  be playing a huge part in some incredible journeys.

There are three options to choose from, increasing in value from our Bronze level through to our Gold level. The level you opt for will determine the number of lives you will impact and the type of updates you will receive.


Choose from any of the three options below: