Wendy’s Story

Wendy, a driven entrepreneur with plenty of business ideas, relocated to Simoonga, Zambia just a year ago. She was familiar with the area having previously worked there as a mobile street vendor. She thought its bustling market and connections to Livingstone made Simoonga an ideal place to live and start a business. She was able to purchase land and built a small house for her family to live in.

Operating a small market stall, Wendy specialises in selling sweets, biscuits, and sugar, which is particularly popular with her local community. The nearby tarmac road means she can easily travel to buy goods or order them from Livingstone, ensuring a steady supply for her customers.

Despite the modest size of her shop, Wendy’s sales have soared compared to her days as a street vendor. MicroLoan Foundation played a pivotal role in Wendy’s success. Her loan enabled her to buy stock in bulk, securing better prices and boosting her profits. Wendy values not only the financial assistance from MicroLoan, but also the guidance and encouragement she receives. Inspired by this support, Wendy wants to learn tailoring skills.

Wendy has a four-year-old son who attends pre-school in the local area and she would love to have more children. Ambitious and forward-thinking, Wendy aims to put savings away on a weekly basis as she works towards owning a larger house.

Wendy is well on her way to achieving her goals and we’ve no doubt her hard work and determination will get her there. Your donations can help other women like Wendy to start their journey with MicroLoan Foundation to build a sustainable income and lift them out of poverty. Will you help us, help them, by giving a donation?

Published on: 22/02/2024

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