Sovaret’s Story

Sovaret’s entrepreneurial journey began in 2007 when she set up a modest stall at the market in Kalomo, southern Zambia. Selling any vegetables she could get her hands on, Sovaret’s initial offerings were limited, but this small step fueled her determination to grow her business.

In 2017, Sovaret took out her first loan from MicroLoan Foundation, and since then she’s achieved remarkable success. Today, her market stall is a bustling hub of activity, brimming with a variety of vegetables and legumes. Thanks to her loan, she now sells tomatoes, cabbage, beans, and salt, which have become her top sellers. She’s also planning to start selling dry Kapenta (dried sardines) to help her survive during times of drought. 

Sovaret’s loans have not only helped her build her business, but have also helped her achieve a deeply personal dream. For years, Sovaret and her family of seven have lived in a small, two-room rented house, the kitchen being one of them. Although they made the best of it, the space was never sufficient. Without her loan it would have been impossible for Sovaret to own her own home. She would have had to choose between using the profit from her stall to slowly build the house or give her children three meals a day.

Sovaret was able to use part of her loan to build a new house in the Mawaya compound on the outskirts of Kalomo, and today her dream of home ownership is finally a reality.

Sovaret’s loan helps her keep her business afloat, provide for her family and keep her children in school, even when faced with the challenge of severe droughts which drive up vegetable prices and reduce her sales.

With the support of MicroLoan Foundation, Sovaret has transformed her life, built a thriving business, and realised her dream of home ownership. But more importantly, she has provided stability and hope for her family.

Every donation to MicroLoan Foundation helps create success stories like Sovaret’s. By donating, you will help women entrepreneurs in Malawi, Zambia, and Zimbabwe to lift their families out of poverty.

Published on: 09/07/2024

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