Rebecca’s Story

Meet Rebecca, a determined and quick learner who turned her newfound skills into a thriving tailoring business, with support from MicroLoan Foundation.

Specialising in crafting skirts, shirts, dresses, and school uniforms for the community, Rebecca sources quality fabric and materials from Livingstone. Her customers can either buy finished garments from her, or bring their own fabrics and choose what designs they would like her to make. Known for her speed and skill, Rebecca takes pride in creating traditional dresses within a mere two hours, with an impressive weekly output of around 10 garments.

Being the only tailor in the village opens opportunities for developing the business. Rebecca hopes that she will continue to grow her income with help from MicroLoan Foundation.

Rebecca’s business helps her to support her three children. Her eldest child has inherited his mother’s creativity and is a talented artist. Rebecca’s increased income helps cover not only essential needs, but also means she can purchase art supplies like pens and paper for her son. Before joining MicroLoan these would have been luxuries she simply couldn’t afford to give her children.

Rebecca’s story shows how small loans can help people start businesses, feel more powerful, and change their families’ lives. Your support does more than just give money; it helps people use their creativity, feel hopeful, and make long-lasting improvements to their lives.

Published on: 23/01/2024

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