Race to the Stones 2024

Date: 13/07/2024
Location: Lewknor to Avebury (100km/50km)

Join us for an unforgettable UK ultramarathon along one of Britain’s oldest paths.

Race to the Stones 2024

Join our Race to the Stones team

Run it or walk it! Embark on an epic journey ‘Race to the Stones’ —an exhilarating UK ultramarathon tracing along Britain’s ancient paths, running towards the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Avebury stone circle. Lace up for an unforgettable experience through history, challenging your limits on one of Britain’s oldest routes. This isn’t just a race; it’s a chance to conquer 100 kilometres (or 50km) of stunning landscapes, ancient trails, and personal triumphs. Join us for an extraordinary adventure that takes you beyond the ordinary.

Find out information on packages and pricing here: https://www.thresholdtrailseries.com/events/race-to-the-stones/packages/

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