Newsless’ journey

Three years ago, Newsless started a new journey with MicroLoan.

At the time, Newsless was struggling to pay her children’s tuition fees. On top of this, she was unable to provide a balanced diet for her family as they survived on mostly vegetables. Her daughter constantly suffered from stomach pains and had to be treated in hospital.

Furniture is expensive, and Newsless was unable to afford beds for her and her family to sleep on. Every day she, her 12 year old daughter and her husband had to sleep on the floor with the hope that their life would soon change for the better.

Newsless and her family know what it’s like to live in extreme poverty.

In 2020, Newsless was introduced to MicroLoan by one of her friends, and her journey out of poverty began. She used the £93 loan she received from MicroLoan to open up a grocery shop. When she started the business, she made a profit of £5 per week, but now she makes £28. The profits she generates from the shop go towards paying her daughter’s school fees, providing a balanced diet, clothing, and livestock. Newsless told our team, “When I remember the situation I have gone through I feel like I am a different person right now. Being able to provide for my family has boosted my confidence and self-worth.”

Not only has Newsless been able to increase her profit margins, she has also developed a wide range of business skills. With the help of our Loan & Training Officers, Newsless is now able to run her business successfully, creating a budget and calculating profits.

Newsless’ success isn’t just limited to her and her family. Being part of a group with other women, a sisterhood is formed. As a group they empower each other through advice and encouragement. For instance, Newsless said, “At one time my business was struggling and fellow members helped with advice until I stood again on my feet.” Every woman wants her fellow women to succeed. Her success is their success.

A loan to Newsless isn’t just a loan, it’s building block for the foundation of a healthy and thriving community. By donating £25, the cost of a start-up loan, you will be contributing to change that will spread across generations. To maximize your impact, your donation before 31st December 2021 is going to be doubled. Yes, doubled.

To donate, click here or give us a call on 020 8827 1688.

Have a Merry Christmas and thank you for your ongoing support!

Written by Nathan Kong

Published on: 24/12/2021

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