Mrs Mkonde: A Super Entrepreneur

Mrs Alifosina Mkonde turned her starter loans and training into a small business empire slowly lifting her whole community out of poverty.

Sub-Saharan Africa is home to over half of the world’s poorest people. They are forced to survive on little over £1 per day and struggle to educate, clothe or even feed their families.

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Mrs Mkonde is the mother of eight children and lives in a small village on the outskirts of Lilongwe, Malawi. To support her family set up a small grocery stall selling rice, groundnuts and maize 10 years ago.

She wanted her children to gain the education she never had. But with limited resources she struggled to generate enough income to support her family’s needs. 

Some of the biggest transformations begin with the smallest of actions.

In 2012 Mrs Mkonde joined a MicroLoan group. She invested her first loan of just £22 into her modest grocery stall. The business training sessions she received allowed her to develop her skills. It was clear she had a talent for business and a vision formed to create an expanding enterprise. She worked hard and as a result her weekly profits more than doubled.

With a new loan from MicroLoan Mrs Mkonde turned the grocery stall into a permanent shop. But her ambitions didn’t stop there. She opened up her own mill at the heart of the village. It serves local farmers, other businesses and creates jobs.

When she first started as an entrepreneur, Mrs Mkonde was barely able to feed her family. Now she runs a small business empire helping her family and entire village to thrive. All her children are receiving the education she wanted for them. Her businesses have also created employment opportunities for others in her village. They in turn now have the means to support their own families.

A business doesn’t just change the owner’s life, it has the potential to impact the whole community. With your support this Christmas more women can start their journey to becoming a super entrepreneur.

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