Mount Mulanje Challenge Triumph

“Exhausting, spectacular and unforgettable.” Our team of trekkers scaled Mount Mulanje and arrive home triumphant.

Mount Mulanje, the highest mountain in Malawi, was the scene for our latest overseas challenge event. Our team of 8 challengers braved steep inclines, cliff edges and scaled Malawi’s “island in the sky” to fundraise for women in MicroLoan Foundation’s network facing poverty. Along the way, Team MicroLoan were rewarded with panoramic beauty for miles around as well as few stunning sunsets. Every member successfully completed the trek, and completed the journey back to ground level safely.

The adventure didn’t stop there. Our trekkers visited Liwonde National Park for an unforgettable safari experience. And finally, the highlight of their trip, the team visited MicroLoan Foundation’s operations in Mulanje, speaking with the women who their fundraising supports.

Every penny raised by our challengers will have a profound and lasting impact on the lives of women who are able to build businesses with a loan and business training. For years to come, they will have the skills and the capital to build and grow their source of income, providing for their families.


A huge thanks and shout out goes to Karen, Sandra, Jane, Ewa, Charlotte, Patricia, Rafael and our very own Director of Fundraising, Malin, for their phenomenal fundraising efforts. Together, they have raised over £14,000.


You can help them to reach their new target of £15,000. Send a congratulatory donation to our trekkers today – it’s not too late.

Published on: 13/06/2022

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