Loveness’s story

Mother of seven Loveness Mudenda is testament to resilience and entrepreneurship in rural Zambia. Her proudest achievement? Owning a goat. It’s a symbol of success and stability in her community.

Before receiving her first loan, Loveness struggled to make ends meet. Providing a meal for her children and sending them to school were daily challenges. But with the support of MicroLoan Foundation, Loveness has transformed her life. Now, she not only ensures her children are well-fed and attending school, but she also takes pride in their achievements. Her daughter recently passed her exam to move onto grade eight, a milestone that Loveness is immensely proud of.

Loveness’s path to success began with her small village shop, where she sells essentials such as sugar, cooking oil, biscuits, books, matches, and sweets. Her shop is not just a business; her customers visit not only to stock up on essential supplies but also to enjoy a moment of relief from the blazing Zambian sun. 

Loveness’s hard work and determination have allowed her to buy a goat and a couple of chickens, providing her family with a safety net if anything happens to her business. She dreams of owning cattle and a plot of land one day. In the short term, she hopes to add some new items to her shop, such as vitenge (a traditional cloth) and kapenta (a popular Zambian sardine).

Loveness’s story is one of transformation and hope. Her business not only supports her family but also contributes to the local economy. By donating, you can help more women like Loveness achieve their dreams and lift their families out of poverty. Join us in making a difference and empowering women entrepreneurs in Zambia.

Published on: 13/06/2024

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