Celebrating women role models

This International Women’s Day we’re celebrating inspiring role models, sparking important conversations and supporting women facing poverty to build a better future for their families.

Women like Dadirai.

Dadirai was in an abusive relationship, and the actions of her husband created a stigma for her whole family. She had no friends or family to offer help when her marriage ended, and she had three young children to provide for.

Without this network of support, and in a very traditional and patriarchal society, life as a single mother is extremely challenging. Juggling childcare and household responsibilities whilst trying to earn an income was a daily struggle for Dadirai. For five long years, her family often went hungry and she had no choice but to pull her children out of school.


#WhenWomenLead social media campaign

Our campaign called #WhenWomenLead celebrated phenomenal role models in business, both in MicroLoan’s network in sub-Saharan Africa and internationally.

We collected quotes and selfies from trailblazing women leaders to share across social media. The quote was either a piece of advice to business leaders of tomorrow, or a key learning which helped them get to where they today. It was an inspiring collection! Just look at what we can achieve when women lead.

Thank you to the phenomenal business leaders, and small business owners internationally, who got involved, including the women in MicroLoan’s network who are able to build small businesses with our support. As they flourish as entrepreneurs they begin to build a life outside of poverty for their families.

The campaign aimed to raise awareness for our mission and to raise funds to help us to reach more women.

We are thrilled to share this video produced by Michelle, Founder of the Yes She Can Project podcast and The Soap Sponge Company. It features a phenomenal collection of women leaders who have come together to spread the word about MicroLoan’s mission.

You can also catch up on Michelle’s conversation on the Yes She Can Project podcast with Maria Campanini, Fundraising and Communications Manager at MicroLoan Foundation on Spotify or YouTube.

Published on: 24/03/2022

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