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“Even before the arrival of the COVID-19 pandemic, hunger was growing at an explosive rate in southern Africa… 8.4 million children face acute malnutrition – roughly the population of London”

World Food Programme, August 2021

Kudzanai’s son almost died at the age of three. The family of six lived in extreme poverty and often went for days without food. Her son fell ill with meningitis. Miraculously he survived, but the illness left him deaf.

Good nutrition and good health are inextricably linked. Malnutrition can make you more vulnerable to infections like meningitis, an all too painful memory for Kudzanai and her family.

You can help a woman like Kudzanai to feed her family so they can live healthy lives. Please make a donation this Christmas. Every donation will be doubled.

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Seizing the opportunity, Kudzanai joined one of MicroLoan Foundation’s first loan groups in Zimbabwe back in 2017. In her first few years with us, she used her training and loans to build a business growing and selling tomatoes and beans. With a steady income, she could afford nutritious food for her family every single day.

However, it is now a matter of time before Kudzanai and her family face hunger again. A food security crisis is unfolding in Zimbabwe as you read this. We need to act immediately, and we need your help.

In light of this crisis, The Language Factory has agreed to match every pound you donate to support women like Kudzanai this Christmas. Your support will give a woman like Kudzanai the capital injection she needs to boost her business. With your help, she can withstand the food security crisis and provide daily nutritious meals for her family. 

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Thank you for your generosity in response to this crisis.

*Matched funding from The Language Factory is up to the value of £30,000. For more information about The Language Factory, please visit: