What we do

We enable the poorest and most vulnerable people to work their own way out of poverty. We help them to save, and to build independence and financial resilience.

By providing them with the skills and tools to start small businesses we support them to become self-sufficient for their daily needs. Over time, the money they generate from their own efforts helps to provide food security, better housing, access to healthcare, and an education for their children.

We encourage them to make modest savings as insurance against future crop failure, family illness and other unpredictable situations. Savings give them confidence in their ability to weather whatever life throws at them.

  1. Our Loan and Training Officers (LTOs) travel on motorbikes to rural areas to meet with community leaders
  2. Together they identify women who are most in need and have potential
  3. These women then form groups (around 15 members) and attend eight training sessions to learn about business principles, like how to budget and make a modest profit
  4. The women in the groups receive their loans. We help them to open a bank account where they can put their savings
  5. The women start trading in their new businesses, which might be selling vegetables, trading second hand clothes, or making tea and fritters
  6. Every two weeks the groups have training and pay back their loans in small instalments
  7. After four months (on average) the women have repaid their loans and are earning a regular income. They can now apply for another loan to help grow their business
  8. With up to 99% of loans repaid, we use the money to help more even women start a business, meaning that a small investment goes on working time and time again.