40,000 clients in Zambia: a huge milestone

MicroLoan Zambia has continued its good performance in 2022 – we have already surpassed our targets for December. We now have more than 40,000 active clients in Zambia, and we’re reducing interest rates as a result.


As at 30th September, Zambia had a loan book of ZMW 60.02m and 40,170 active clients. In particular, we have seen a growth in client numbers in the Northern region where we set up new branches in 2021/2022. These areas continue to demonstrate good potential for growth.

The efficiency of MicroLoan Zambia’s operations have improved with the expansion of the centre model, and with increasing use of mobile money across all regions for disbursements and repayments.


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Reduction in interest rates

As the company continues to record strong results, we are now in a position to pass on the benefits to our clients, by reducing the interest rates on their loans by 10 percentage points, per annum.

The reduction in interest rates became effective from 1st October 2022.

Published on: 20/10/2022

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