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MicroLoan Foundation

MicroLoan Foundation

Giving hope not hand outs

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What we do

We help some of the poorest women in the world feed their families, send their children to school, and pay for life saving medicines. We are a very different kind of charity, offering hope, not handouts. By providing small loans (average £72) and ongoing business training and support, we help women in rural Malawi and Zambia to set up their own self-sustainable businesses; enabling them to work themselves and their families out of poverty.


 How It Works – our innovative model



99% of loans we make are repaid. Once repaid, we recycle the loans and use the money to make more loans. Usually, women take a succession of loans over several years so they can build up their businesses. Once they are self-sufficient, we support new clients enabling more women to transform their lives. It’s a brilliantly simple, powerful idea: every penny donated to MicroLoan Foundation keeps on giving, over and over again.

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How it Works

We provide loans and ongoing business training to female entrepreneurs. When they're able, they pay back the loan. We use this money to make more loans, to more women.

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Deborah Meaden presents MicroLoans Foundation BBClifeline Appeal. See Deborah meet some of the women we support

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