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Success Stories

We work with amazingly inspiring, enterprising women in Malawi and Zambia. These stories demonstrate the huge impact that the loans and training they receive from MicroLoan has on their lives, and how your support helps give hope, not handouts…

  • Malita Banda

    Malita Banda

    Malita Banda’s stall selling fish and tomatoes has enabled her to send her four children to secondary school, buy a bicycle and a bed with a mattress. All thanks to MicroLoan’s support.

  • Esnart and her tomato stall


    With MicroLoan’s support, Esnart is able to send one of her three children to school. Help us make this three out of three!

  • Joyce


    Joyce is a MicroLoan beginner, on her second loan. She has gone from subsistence farmer to shop owner with MicroLoan’s support.

  • Dailess Tembo


    Dailess’ tailoring business, set up with the support of MicroLoan, helps send her four children to school. UK lenders via lendwithcare.org have enabled Dailess to further expand her business.

  • Alice Soko


    Alice Soko lives with her husband and 2 children in Chipata, Zambia. MicroLoan’s support over the last 3 years has changed her life. She is now running a successful business selling fish, rice and beans.

  • Margaret


    Margaret is a fantastic example of how your support has such a huge impact on the lives of women in sub-Saharan Africa. With several businesses, Margaret is providing a sustainable life for herself and her 4 children.

  • Ileen+portrait+(1)


    Ileen, 31, has been with MicroLoan for 10 years. After 20 successive loans, Ileen has diversified from selling a few chickens, to rearing and selling chickens and pigs, and buying and selling pots and pans.

  • Eneless+portrait+(1)


    Eneless is a real entrepreneur. She buys and sells goats, and has a small grocery business. The success of her businesses have enabled her to send her 7 children to school and buy a solar panel for her house.

  • Catherine+(2)


    Catherine is an amazing example of the huge impact that MicroLoan Foundation has on women’s lives. Since receiving her first loan over 10 years ago, Catherine and her family’s lives have been transformed.

  • Agnes+(2)+(4)

    Agnes and her fried meat business

    Agnes’ business selling fried chicken and goat is very popular in her village. The profits from her business have already made a big difference to her family’s life, Agnes plans to develop her business further and to diversify.

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We provide loans and ongoing training to female entrepreneurs. When they're able, they pay back the loan. We use this money to make more loans, to more women.

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