MicroLoan becomes part of the WildHearts Foundation

Empowering women and providing them with the opportunity to work their own way out of poverty has always been at the heart of MicroLoan Foundation. Over the last two years our team and trustees have been working on ways to create a greater impact and in turn support even more women in the poorest regions of sub-Saharan Africa.

Today we are excited to announce how we plan to make this happen. MicroLoan has joined forces with a likeminded organisation to create a partnership that will generate a step change in the scale of our operations. MicroLoan has become part of The WildHearts Foundation.

Our operations in Malawi, Zambia and Zimbabwe will largely remain unchanged. As part of the WildHearts family, we are ambitious to develop these operations on the ground and enhance our impact. Both WildHearts and MicroLoan are driven by the want to reach and support as many families as possible. Joining forces is going to allow us to greater our impact.

Together our ambition is to transform 1 million lives every year. The first step to achieving this is to grow the number of clients in MicroLoan’s existing countries of operation to achieve full operational self-sufficiency by 2020.

“Over the last year we have worked closely with the WildHearts team to develop this partnership. We are confident this collaboration is going to positively impact our social mission and growth ambitions. The MicroLoan management team, with the enhanced resources of WildHearts, has the vision, skills and experience to achieve longer-term success in the best interest of our clients. We wish the whole team, and above all, our clients all the very best in this new future.” – Alan Penson, former chairman of MicroLoan Foundation.

The WildHearts Group is a portfolio of companies that, through their activities and profits, create global social change. The profits from the companies fund the work of the WildHearts Foundation which works to address economic injustice. WildHearts Foundation has supported MicroLoan since 2015 and this is an exciting opportunity to extend our relationship, develop innovative approaches and create greater change.

“WildHearts has supported MicroLoan Foundation over the last four years and we have been consistently impressed by the team’s professionalism and commitment to their clients. Given our shared vision of supporting the most underserved communities it became increasingly obvious that merging would allow us to leverage our resources to scale our impact and empower more people. Together we can make our ambition of transforming 1 million lives every year a reality.” – Dr Mick Jackson, Chairman of MicroLoan Foundation and Founder of the WildHearts Group.

The charity and fundraising in the UK will benefit from a stronger support network which will provide further opportunities for growth. It is because of your dedication and support that MicroLoan has become the organisation we are today, and we are excited for you to join us on this journey with WildHearts.