Start Something Challenge

A one month challenge to turn £10 into as much money as possible, helping to develop entrepreneurial thinking and teamwork, whilst at the same time supporting women in Malawi Zambia, Zimbabwe to lift themselves and their families out of poverty.

How does it work?

Employees form into groups and have 2 weeks to develop their idea using their knowledge, skills, resources and networks. Teams then have one month to use their entrepreneurial skills to turn £10 into as much money as possible. The team that raises the most amount of money is crowned as the Start Something Challenge champions. Take a look at our Start Something presentation for more information.

What the Start Something Challenge can do for you:

The Start Something Challenge is a great way for companies to engage with employees and for educational institutions to engage with their students. The challenge encourages them to develop new skills, build confidence, strengthen leadership skills. It’s also a great team building exercise.

  • 79% of employees prefer to work for a socially responsible company
  • 57% of engaged employees put more effort into the job
  • And 87% are more likely to stay with a socially responsible employer
  • 90% of consumers would switch to brands associated with good causes
  • Students will gain hands-on enterprise experience
  • They will help students develop teambuilding and leadership skills and confidence

Case study: Start Something with Sapient

In August 2016 the Sapient employees participated in the Start Something Challenge. Using entrepreneurial ideas, from selling gold coffee to organising the Sapient Olympics, the teams raised over £600.

“It was an incredible team effort and a rewarding experience”  
                                                                       – Kenny Fong, Project Manager Sapient

“The success stories are truly inspirational. It was fabulous to see our teams come together for such worthy causes”
  – Conor Ogle, VP Sapient Consulting

Case study: Start Something with Bexhill College

At the start of the 2017 school term 30 Business and Economics students took part in the challenge at raised over £400 for MicroLoan. The students were provided with £1 and challenged to turn it into as much profit as possible in the four week period. You can read more about their experience here.

“It is satisfying to see our students take what they have learnt in their Business and Economics lessons and apply it to the real world.  The injustice of poverty is often linked to a lack of access to credit as opposed to a lack of creativity or work ethic.  It’s therefore, extremely heartening to see our students become global ethical investors and genuine change agents.”

                                      – Andy Pritchard, Head of Politics, Economics, Business & Law