Our partners

At MicroLoan we’re involved in some amazing partnerships with institutions and organisations from all over the world




WildHearts Group is a portfolio of companies that, through their activities and profits, create global social change. These profits are spent on funding the work of the WildHearts Foundation. Since 2011 they have harnessed the power of ‘compassionate entrepreneurship’ to fund microfinance in the developing world. They are a strategic partner for MicroLoan Foundation and have supported us since 2015. With their support and social investment we have been able to continue growing and developing our operations.




Whole Planet Foundation, a Whole Foods Market foundation dedicated to poverty alleviation around the world, has partnered with MicroLoan Foundation in both Malawi and Zambia since 2010 by providing several multi-year grants to grow our loan book. They also awarded us with a multi-year grant for the purchase of tablet computers for our field staff as part of the rollout of our new Management Information System.



SDL is a global leader in providing expert web content management and multilingual translation software and translation services. They have supported our work in Malawi and Zambia since 2009, and helped us transition to our new Management Information System. The SDL Foundation’s generous grants have also been instrumental in launching our new operation in Zimbabwe in 2017 and helping us grow our outreach in 2018.




In 2017 we started a partnership with the corporate foundation of drinks retailer Innocent. A three-year grant will fund a three-year pilot programme to assess the feasibility and effectiveness of an agricultural training and loans programme focusing on growing soya in Malawi. Initial results are very promising, and if successful, their support will enable us to scale up the programme across several branches in the 2019-2020 growing season.




RUFEP is a joint initiative of the International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD) and the Government of the Republic of Zambia under the Ministry of Finance aimed to increase access to and the use of sustainable financial services by poor rural men, women and youth in Zambia. They are supporting MicroLoan’s efforts to pilot and roll-out an innovative mobile money project in Zambia. The technology is being rolled out in all of our existing branches in Zambia, and will be integrated into our future branches.




The Halcrow Foundation is an independent charity, established by staff at the Halcrow engineering consultancy. It funds projects that sustainably improve life for communities suffering acute hardship in Africa, Asia and the UK. The Foundation has provided MicroLoan with a grant to expand our livelihoods programme in the Kapiri District, Zambia where the grant will enable 1,000 women living in poverty in rural areas to access financial services.


Goodwille provides essential business services to overseas companies looking to enter, grow or scale in the UK. Founder and strong female entrepreneur, Annika Goodwille was moved by the spirit and strength shown by the women we work with, which made our partnership a natural fit. They have supported our work since 2009 with donations and fundraising initiatives.




The Sourcing Team have supported MicroLoan since 2018. Their founder Gill Thorpe is a passionate advocate for women in business and decided to make MicroLoan their chosen global charity partner. The Sourcing Team supports our vital work by taking part in our challenge events, providing MicroLoan probono support and donations, and connecting us with businesses across the UK.



The Successful Women in Business Network (SWIB) is a network of business women in the south west, who not only love to grow their businesses, but also support charities. Since 2019 they have supported our work by raising funds at SWIB events and conferences, including The Successful Women in Business Awards, and have taken part in challenge events.




NatWest Group Gender Network has selected MicroLoan as their 2020 Charity of the Year for a third consecutive year. Natwest and its brands have long been advocates of female entrepreneurship and throughout the year the network will working closely with MicroLoan to raise awareness and support for our work.



Impress Travel provides bespoke holidays for hardworking people. Eva James is the owner of Impress, and as woman in business she understands how important our work is. Eva generously donates her time to plan our overseas challenge events and donates a portion of her commission to MicroLoan.



We are campaign supporters of the Smart Campaign. As supporters of the Smart camping MicroLoan is committed to the principles of responsible microfinance. The Smart principles include: transparency, prevention of over indebtedness and fair and respectful treatment of clients.

The Randal Charitable Foundation is dedicated to saving lives, helping the socially disadvantaged and improving the quality of life for those in need in the UK and around the world. In 2019 the Foundation decided to support MicroLoan Foundation by providing us with a single-year grant to support the delivery of our training programme in the Balaka branch in Southern Malawi.


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