Our partners

At MicroLoan we’re involved in some amazing partnerships with institutions and organisations from all over the world

Take a look at some of our current partners and funders.

The Worshipful Company

The Worshipful Company of World Traders is a modern livery with its members connected to international commerce. We’ve been working with its Charitable Trust since 2011, the partnership provides loan capital for our Zambia operations and supports our training programme in Malawi.

Whole Planet Foundation

The global corporate foundation of Whole Foods Market, the US natural and organic food retailer, chose MicroLoan Foundation to be their partner in Malawi and Zambia. MicroLoan has been featured in their stores in both the USA and UK. In 2016 MicroLoan’s partnership with the Whole Planet Foundation continued to grow.

Their latest support for our work in Malawi totalled $740,000 and has helped over 4500 women to date. In Southern Zambia, the Foundation has approved a $507,777 grant which has helped over 2,350 clients so far from the $347,000 disbursed.

In 2015 the Whole Planet Foundation provided a grant of more than $90,000 to support the group’s purchase and rollout of tablets to both countries.

Capital Group

A global US based asset manager, has provided funding for client groups in Africa and supported our UK operations since 2010. In addition, many of their staff have taken part in the Microloan’s Malawi Challenge and individually raised significant amounts for MicroLoan.

SDL Foundation

SDL is a global leader in providing expert web content management and multilingual translation software and translation services. SDL has been supporting MicroLoan since 2009, including sponsorship of branches, training, loan officers and transition to our new MIS. The also provided £75,000 towards the funding of our new operation in Zimbabwe.

The Scottish Government 

The most recent grant of £377,304, supported 14,686 poor women living in rural villages to set up and develop their own businesses. We have received two large grants from the Scottish Government over the years thanks to Scotland’s commitment to build on this in the future. A study by the University of Edinburgh funded by the Scottish Government found that even in regions where a major drought took place, the women were using their savings in a positive manner.

Department for International Development (DFID)

DFID provided £473,297 for our ‘Pathways from Poverty’ programme in Southern Malawi that enabled 6,409 trading businesses and 1,577 agricultural enterprises to be established and developed by female entrepreneurs. The last payment for this 3 year grant was received in 2016.

The ‘innocent foundation’

The ‘innocent foundation’ previously partnered with us between 2008-2009 on a project in Central and Northern Malawi. They have now generously renewed their support in MicroLoan by committing to fund a new three-year soya agricultural programme which aims to improve the food security and nutrition of female farmers in the country.

They will provide a £90,000 grant over the 3 year duration of the project.

Mullen Lowe

Top 100 advertising agency, Mullen Lowe, have been providing MicroLoan with digital marketing, branding and advertising support on a pro-bono basis since 2006. Mullen Lowe’s support is invaluable for MicroLoan and includes the award winning poster campaign and recent website redesign. Mullen Lowe recently created the new logo and branding and designs for the new website.

Smart Campaign

We are campaign supporters of the Smart Campaign. As supporters of the Smart camping MicroLoan is committed to the principles of responsible microfinance. The Smart principles include: transparency, prevention of over indebtedness and fair and respectful treatment of clients.