Community Fundraising

Community groups can be set up by anyone, anywhere, to bring together like minded people for quiz nights, wine tastings, restaurant evenings, musical events, visits, tea parties and so much more…a diverse programme of activities designed to increase awareness of our work while raising money for a good cause. Our community group members are also ambassadors for MicroLoan, helping spread the charity’s message around the local community, schools and churches.

West London Community group:

Our West London Community Group raised an amazing £25,000 for the charity last year, a great example of what can be achieved.

 The ”Start Something” School challenge

The message of MicroLoan can be powerfully illustrated by the  “Start Something” challenge in schools.

Teams of up to ten can enter, with each group being given £5 to use as start-up capital. The groups then have four weeks to turn that £5 into as much as they can, using their own talents, energies and imagination to devise money making schemes such as car washing, biscuit baking, bring and buy sales…the sky is literally the limit.

The Start Something challenge teaches students about the reality of  business, just like the women that MicroLoan work with in Africa.


This would be a fabulous opportunity for pupils to get involved in our work. We want you to join Team MicroLoan! There are various ways that your school can help us fundraise. We’ve put together a short Team MicroLoan Presentation that gives you some ideas. We’d love to hear from you if you are a pupil or teacher interested in making your school part of Team MicroLoan – please email and direct your message to Laliesha.


We have student groups in universities across the UK who fundraise for us and spread the word about MicroLoan to their campus and student networks.

If you would like to set up a group you’ll get a dedicated member of the MicroLoan team to help you on your journey and give you support with all your fundraising activities throughout the year. For more information please email or call 020 8827 1691.