Expanding our reach in Zambia

MicroLoan is expanding in Zambia.

At the beginning of the year we moved our head office in Zambia from Chipata to the capital Lusaka as part of the strategy to expand within the country.

We first launched our Zambian operations back in 2008. Since then the operations have continued to grow and now we support around 17,000 women every year in the country.

It has always been our ambition to help as many women and families as possible break free from the cycle of poverty.

Before considering expanding into further countries MicroLoan wants to ensure we grow in the countries we already operate in.  In March 2019 we opened our first branch in the Northern Province of Zambia. The Kasama branch. There are plans to open a second northern branch, in Mpika in the next few months.

First Loans

The Chambeshi group was one of the first loan groups in the Northern province to receive loans and training.

When Jenipher heard that MicroLoan was looking to expand into her area she was keen to get involved. As a mother of six and the sole earner she needed a way to support her family.

“I have a small fish trading business – it can be a very profitable business in this area. But I had limited capital so my business was struggling.”

Prior to joining MicroLoan Jenipher started a dry fish trading business at the Chambeshi market. Unfortunately she did not have the support or resources to make the business a success. She struggled to make a reliable profit and her family continued to go hungry.

Joining the Chambeshi group allowed Jenipher to access the vital business training, support and capital she needed to turn her struggling business around.

In the last two months Jenipher has seen her weekly profits double and is now hopeful for the long-term success of her business.

Jenifer has starting saving so that she can ensure her children will complete their education.

Her ambitions don’t stop there. She wants to continue growing her business and in the future expand by selling a wider variety of stock.

“Being part of a loan group means we can help each other and learn from each other. I am looking forward to growing my business with the support of MicroLoan.”

We are looking forward to our operations continuing to grow in the Northern region and updating you on the incredible entrepreneurial journeys that are started because of your support. Without you we wouldn’t be able to keep expanding our reach and helping more women like Jenipher. 

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