Four Weeks of Wellness

When: July 2, 2021

Where: Online, beginning 7th June

A range of wellbeing experts will be hosting health and wellness sessions throughout June. 

Each of the Four Weeks of Wellness will feature a physical session, a reflection session and a nutrition session, brought to you by a range of specialists, coaches and leaders in their field.

There will be 3 sessions each week focusing on the following problem areas:

  • Sleep (week commencing Monday 7th June)
  • Mental Health (week commencing Monday 14th June)
  • Body Positivity (week commencing Monday 21st June)
  • Stress (week commencing Monday 28th June)

Tickets are FREE with a suggested donation of £12 to empower women in sub-Saharan Africa to build a life outside of poverty.

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Meet the experts:

Aisha Patterson, Monday 7th June

Theme: Sleep

Yoga instructor Aisha Patterson will run a practical session, exploring some playful Yoga poses to loosen up muscles and joints. She will lead calming breathwork training to relieve your mind prior to Yogic sleep, Yoga Nidra. Aisha passionately believes that having a good night sleep is like building a savings account for your whole well being, reducing your mental, emotional and physical stress levels, calming your nervous system, creating a healthier, happier heart, and improving productivity and mood in all aspects of your life.

Gabriela Bocanete, Wednesday 9th June

Theme: Sleep

Holistic Health Coach, Gabriela Bocanete, will expand your knowledge of sleep and the multiple factors that influence it. She will suggest changes in your sleeping environment that will have a positive effect on your sleep quality. She will also share tried and tested practices that you can adopt to experience deep rest and regeneration for yourself and your loved ones.

Wendy Powell, Monday 14th June

Theme: Mental Health

CEO and Founder of MUTU System, Wendy Powell, will host ‘Confidence from the inside out – Core and Pelvic floor health for every life stage’. Every woman wants a strong core & to do her pelvic floor exercises to avoid embarrassing leaks, back pain or discomfort – but what does that actually mean & what does it feel like when we get it right?

Harriet Waley-Cohen, Wednesday 16th June and Friday 25th June

Theme: Mental Health and Body Positivity

Speaker and Coach Harriet Waley-Cohen will run a reflection session about mental health and wellbeing.

Fiona Cameron and Mary Clarke, Friday 18th June

Theme: Mental Health

Founders of Sticky Change, Fiona and Mary will be treating you to a session on managing our energy levels. Fatigue, low energy and stress are common place in today’s climate, particularly for some people living and working on their own without the camaraderie inherent in office life. The impact on performance can be considerable. Fiona and Mary will facilitate a session that will introduce you to a model that enables your people to bring more energy to both their work and their home lives.

Claire Snowdon-Darling, Monday 28th June

Theme: Stress

What stress REALLY is and what can we do about it. Join Claire Snowdon-Darling  as she discusses the main overlooked causes of stress and provides practical information, techniques and tips to combat it.

Vittoria Caiani, Wednesday 30th June

Theme: Stress

As a transition coach, Vittoria focuses on personal development, inner alignment, leadership, cultural awareness and relationship with change. She will be hosting ‘How to make stress work for you’, an interactive conversation based on neuroscience findings to easily improve our relationship with stress.

Tracy Tredoux

Theme: Stress

Nutritional therapist Tracy will be running ‘Address Stress to Thrive’. She will explain how making simple, targeted changes to aspects of diet and lifestyle can restore health, energy and vitality. As a health coach, Tracy inspires, motivates, educates and supports her clients along their journey to better health.