Our Empower for Business Supporters

Empower for business is an innovative way in which small businesses can receive their own impactful CSR programme for only £84 per month. See our partners below and learn more about Empower for business here.

Our current supporters:



Whitfield Construction Services are a small and vibrant engineering consultancy. Their motivation for supporting Microloan is because they wholeheartedly believe in self-sufficiency and understand that a small capital injection can make a massive difference, allowing that leg-up in life to be passed on to many more people than a simple donation would.




GROWN is a business model designed to set up forex brokerage and sustain it on the principles of companionship & diversity. With these principles at heart, they cooperate with MicroLoan to support women who create a brighter future for not only themselves but for their families and communities as well.




Panda Joy publishes sustainable happiness spreading greeting cards that are 100% tree-free: using bamboo and cotton linter. Panda Joy’s sustainable greeting cards are 100% tree-free, allowing you to share a Joyful moment with the knowledge that you’re helping to save the planet and its communities at the same time.

When a product is naturally sustainable, thoughtfully crafted and respects the resources used to create it, it becomes treasured and valued. Now, what could be more Joyful than that?