Coaching for a Cause

Uplifting, rewarding, transformational: how your coaching can be life-changing in more ways than one

First and foremost, thank you, coaches, for all you have already done to support our mission to tackle poverty and hunger whilst empowering women, most of them mothers, to realise their potential.

The donations and support from the coaching community have been deeply moving, and many of you have told us that you would like to continue donating to us. Coaching for a Cause allows us to respond to and build on your generosity and connect you more closely to the women you support.

We all believe in the power of coaching, training and mentoring. This is central to MicroLoan Foundation’s model, as women facing poverty receive extensive training from Loan & Training Officers like Prisca. Hear first-hand about the impact of our training:

We have been working with our colleagues in Zambia to develop Coaching for a Cause, an opportunity for you, the coach, to get one step closer to entrepreneurs and maintain your life-changing impact.

It costs just £21 per month to support one woman with loans and training for the entire duration of her loan cycle. The training is in business skills and financial literacy, and is delivered through song, dance and role play in the local languages. If you have two minutes to spare, take a look:

Each woman is unique, with her own personality, business model and family life. We want you to get to know the woman you are supporting. By making a donation to the value of £21 per month, you can get that feel-good Coachathon feeling all year round. Should you choose to make the donation through your business, the gift is tax deductible. You will partner with one inspiring woman, and receive a snapshot into her life, how many children she has, her aspirations and of course a photograph. With each new loan cycle, you will be partnered with a new entrepreneur. Whilst it is not possible for you to coach her directly, for £21 per month, you will transform the life of one woman and her family for generations to come.

Coaching for a Cause is your opportunity to have an ongoing, transformational impact with each coaching session you schedule.

We envisage building a close community of compassionate coaches, united by a shared purpose. You will, of course, receive a communications pack for your website and social media, as well as a Coaching for a Cause badge for your website which proudly states your partnership with MicroLoan Foundation in supporting the training of aspiring female entrepreneurs facing poverty. Once a year, we will also offer the opportunity for our close-knit community of Coaching for a Cause coaches to take on an thrilling challenge event in Malawi or Zambia and visit our entrepreneurs in person.

We believe in the transformational power of coaching, and we hope this is a way to add value to your coaching business. Each client you book will know that every session will have far-reaching repercussions. Not only will each session impact them, but it will also be life-changing for an inspiring woman in Zambia, a woman you will know by name.

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