Who we help

“Women reinvest 90% of every dollar earned into their families’ education, health and nutrition”
                                               – Harvard Business Review, 2013

The women supported: My name is Dalphine Makanya, I’m 36 years old and belong to Chitukuko women’s credit group in Kafue Zambia. Chitukuko means development. I’m married, my husband is Hector Mwale,45. He works as a delivery driver. We have 3 children together and I look after two other children. There are 7 of us living together in a rented three bedroomed house. I started school at 7 and dropped out at 18. We got married at 20 and I had my first child at 21 years. What I love about microloan foundation is the fair interest rate they offer, which is lower than other financial institutions I have worked with. Since I joined chitukuko women credit group, I have learnt how to save, calculate profit, loss, and costs. The money I’m saving is for building a shop at the market on the piece of land I bought. Before I got a loan from microloan foundation of k1, 000.00 (£82) I used to only sell groceries. Now I sell fruits and vegetables outside my shop. My husband also supports me and helps me when I face difficulties with my repayments.

Why women?

Many factors contribute to the cycle of poverty.  These prevent people being able to improve their lives without help. For the women supported survival is doubly difficult because they also have to bear the brunt of family responsibilities, making it hard to seek employment. Women and girls have little opportunity to help support themselves and their families. They consequently make up 70% of the world’s poor. Learn more about where we work here.

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