Catherine was one of the first women to ever receive a loan from MicroLoan. She lived in a simple home near the beach and made a small living selling fish in the nearby market which her husband had caught. With her first loan she opened her own shop in her home. With the savings from her business and her next loan she was soon able to buy her husband his own boat and a set of nets. Catherine now owns three boats and employs 26 people.

Catherine has built her own home for 18 members of her family. She pays for her many grandchildren to go to nursery school and generously supporters the daughter of her husband’s first wife and her family who live next door.

She has bought and installed a water tap outsider her house, mostly for her family’s use, but she also lets her neighbours use it for 50 kwatcha (10p) per bucket. She has started to form a herd of goats for food, and for sale later on. Catherine also plans to build a house to rent out on a neighbouring patch of land that was left to her husband by his parents.

Catherine’s story shows what these women are capable of achieving with the help and support of MicroLoan Foundation.

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Meet Jane

Meet Jane

October 14, 2020