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Catherine Jacobs story for BBC Lifeline

MicroLoan Foundation are working hard to ensure Catherine's business survives

Ten years ago, Catherine was making a small living buying fish from local fishermen and selling them at a nearby market. She then received her first loan from MicroLoan Foundation, which she initially used to buy a net to allow her to fish herself. After a string of successive loans, Catherine made enough money from her increased fish sales to purchase several boats, and now has several fishermen working for her, catching fish which she sells at the local market.

1212 Catherine 5

The impact the loans and training Catherine has received have had on her life cannot be underestimated. She has saved enough money to build her own house, housing 18 members of her family. She pays for her grandchildren to go to school, and financially supports various other extended family members.

More recently, Catherine has bought and installed a water tap outside her house. She also buys and sells goats, and is planning to purchase some land nearby and build a house which she can rent out for a profit.

Understandably, Ambrose, Catherine’s husband, is incredibly proud of her.

Catherine and husband

As she says herself, none of this would have been possible without the help of MicroLoan Foundation.


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